Testimonials & Recommendations

Kevin is a tremendous talent in digital strategy, SEO and more, and will be an asset to any organization he works with.”

Jeffrey Zehnder

Chairman/CEO Zehnder Communications, Inc., Zehnder Communications

“Kevin Bekker is one of the greatest digital minds in the media industry. He’s strategic, resourceful, collaborative, and extremely creative. Kevin is a master at building strategy, closing complex deals, and building strong client relationships at the highest level. I would be honored to work with Kevin Bekker again as he’s a phenomenal digital sales leader with impeccable character!”
Reggie Marable

Vice President - Enterprise Corporate Sales, Salesforce

Kevin is an out and out difference maker. He knows what works — and he’s relentless at catalyzing change around that goodness. He’s a voracious learner — and has incredible action-orientation — an exceedingly rare combination that makes him incredibly effective in a variety of environments. Get him on your team; he’ll make you better.”
Thaddeus Hanscom

Head of Partner Programs, Vacasa

Kevin took ownership of digital in a unique and passionate way. While actively soaking up all forms of formal training available, Kevin went the extra mile and consumed every resource he could find to make himself a better asset to the clients he touched, his team and his company. I can’t think of an individual I would more eagerly recommend.
Jeramiah Martin

Director of Advertising , Gannett

“Kevin is a hard worker and forward-thinker. He’s professional, personable and creative. He takes his work seriously and has a great sense of humor and commitment that he shares equally with his coworkers. Kevin’s a problem solver who comes up with innovative ideas while listening to others suggestions. He is a successful team leader who welcomes collaboration. Kevin’s superior knowledge of technology and digital marketing shines through the projects he executes efficiently and thoroughly. Kevin is also adept at sharing information about online marketing strategy and how vital it is to the success of businesses of every size across all categories.”
Jeff Illes

Owner, Icon Consulting

“By far, one of the best thinkers I’ve known. Kevin is careful to consider all angles and keen to carefully measure results against expectations. Although his approach is speedy, he’s the guy that finds the magical needle in the haystack.”
Gordon Given

Regional Training Manager, Advance Local

Digital Marketing Insights

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