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 About Kevin Bekker

Kevin Bekker is the Senior Digital Brand Strategist at Zehnder Communications a full-service advertising agency with locations in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Nashville Tennessee. He is responsible for creating new, fixing old, and driving understanding of (digital) marketing theory and technology. He’s the guy within the organization that everyone comes to when there’s a problem, or if they have a question. He prefers a desk in the middle of the floor vs. an office in the corner and prefers a backpack and plaid shirt over a tie and shoulder bag. He works to identify growth opportunities while fostering innovation that delivers on clients’ business goals. He takes work very seriously but believes in having fun while doing it. He is very passionate and committed to making people and businesses successful.


Previous Positions


Director of Digital Sales @ The NOLA Media Group

Drive sales, develop a team of digital experts, change culture, innovate, and win big deals

Director of Audience Targeting @ The Oregonian Media Group

Responsible for success, education, and sales of local direct and programmatic digital display efforts.

Senior Digital Consultant @ The Oregonian Media Group

Drive digital sales on the front lines. Work with sales, and sales leadership help business reach customers willing and able to buy their products and or services.
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