Why Work With a Digital Marketing Expert?

Why work with an expert vs. a digital agency? When you work with an agency or a media company, you will pay higher management fees, with less transparency and a lack of performance. When you work with Kevin, you get better service, digital products, and all at a flat hourly rate with no surprises. Oh, and not contacts. If you’re not happy with working with Kevin Bekker, you can part ways with no strings attached.

Digital Marketing Services


Digital Consulting

There are a lot of just okay digital products on the market.  While some of these product may help, others may be a waste of money. Need help wading though the clutter?  Kevin offers a digital consulting plan that works with any budget. 

Google Ad Help

Are you buying Google Ads?  Is your campaign performing?  What portion of your budget is actually being spent on your business vs. management?  It’s time to contact Kevin Bekker.

SEO and UX

Are you spending money on SEO and not seeing an increase in page rank? Contact Kevin and work directly with an SEO and UX expert.

Website Development

Need help choosing a website platform or help with a WordPress site?  Contact me today, I can help you build or find the right website that works for you and your business..

Social Media Marketing

Are you getting new customers with your social media, or just getting likes? Are you paying too much for management? Kevin can help you turn a social profit.

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