Title: SEO 101, Back to the Basics

Summary: Kevin took part in a monthly SEM PDX meeting focused on SEO. Kevin was asked to present a short presentation on SEO tips and tricks as well as serve as an SEO panelist to provide live SEO commentary

Date: April 2014

1. SEO Tips …and Tricks Director of Audience Targeting Advance Digital The Oregonian Media Group @KevinBekker | KevinBekker.com

2. #1 Website Access It is important to have direct access to your site… or someone who reasonably responsive. #GoogleAlgorithmChanges Search Engine Ranking Factors Fluctuate Daily

3. #2 – Don’t be fooled Use the incognito functionality in Google Chrome to track your search engine rank. Use the SEM Rush tool to help keep an eye on your rankings Chrome Incognito Window

4. #3 – It’s Kind of like your High School Prom You compete against other sites within your business vertical. Be more popular! #SEOHereToStay #WatchYourCompetetors #StealIdeas Google -> “site:www.CompetitiveWebsite.com” Perform audits on competitors to help develop a strategy.

5. #4 – Self Educate Take the time to understand SEO. Ask questions and partner with your SEO company. The more active your site the better. #SEOImpowerment #YouAreAWinner A few good Resources: Google – Twitter – Youtube Think with Google Search Engine Land Moz.com

6. #5 – Buyer Beware Look for a transparent SEO Company, ask questions and hold them accountable. #TheMagicFormula #SEOHereToStay Request regular reporting on SEO activity and keyword rankings (primary and secondary).

7. SEO Tricks

8. #1 – Be Active Content… content… content… Create fresh content and share/ publish using social outlets. Use a team approach to content creation… or pay someone. #BeSocial #Blog #SalesAndSpecials

9. #2 – KISS Keep it simple… Use free SEO tools to create a strategy and tackle one thing at a time. If you don’t know what something is, Google it. SEO is widely published. You will find articles and videos that may shed some light. #SEO101 #Sitemap #GoogleAuthorship

10. Trick #3 – Use Free Tools