Title:  Agency Capabilities Deck/ Whitepaper

Summary:   The Agency Capabilities Brief / Whitepaper was created as a leave behind for advertising and marketing agencies to further understand the structure and technology behind the Nola Media Group and Advance Local digital marketing sweet. The brief was created reacted to accurately represent was a passive sales piece used to help sell our NOLA Media Group products to advertising agencies in New Orleans as white label (resale) products.


Its purpose was to help others understand the NOLA Media Group product catalog without NOLA Media Group digital professionals in the room.  The product was written to appeal to digital experts and digital marketing professionals. The product was used to open doors, and change perceptions.

The NOLA Media Group is not just a newspaper company.  We are a full stack digital technology company with the ability to reach real people in local markets across the country.


The format, product data, and sales theory behind the Agency Capabilities Brief was widely adopted by other Advance Local properties and resulted in new agency relationships and product revenue.

Authors: Kevin Bekker & John McPhee


Please Note:  The Agency Capabilities Brief was used from 2015-2016 and is currently out of date.   For information on an up-to-date capabilities deck, please reach out.

Advertising Agency Capabilities Deck