If you are a local business, your Google My Business (GMB) page becomes front and center. The GMB Page appears in the map pack under the paid ads (Search Engine Marketing ads, also called PPC or pay-per-click ads). The Google My Business Page is a Google business listing that allows local businesses to create a page that describes what they do (with both descriptions and pictures), where they do it (Google Map Location), and what others think about their business (Google Reviews).

Here is what you need to know about your GMB Page:

  • The Google My Business Page is the single most significant business listing for local SEO. So crucial, in fact, companies like Thrive Hive have made a fortune off of local companies that fail to claim and manage their GMB page(s) correctly.
  • Each business location should have a unique GMB page with unique location page URL.
  • GMB maintenance takes minimal effort, and Google has made the setup process very easy. All you need to do is Google, “Google My Business page” and click on the “start now” button and follow the directions.  It’s our opinion that, because maintaining your own GMB Page is so empowering and simple, a local business should never allow another company to claim or manage their Google My Business Page.
  • A business can post blogs and/or events on their GMB pages.  It’s not required but helps GMB rank, so we highly recommend posting something monthly. All it takes is a simple image or photo and about 250 words describing your product, sale, or event.

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